Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Virginia Sports

Living in the great state of Virginia has its pros and cons - Pro: We're a commonwealth. Con: None of us are exactly sure what that means. Pro: "Marky" Mark Warner. Con: Virginian with the most pizzazz since Pocahontas. Pro: Apparently, we're "for lovers." Con: Half the population is ironically comprised of haters.

Aside from all that, the biggest reason to pity us Virginians stems from the fact that we're basically compelled to root for the teams in Washington, D.C. and that has not been good news for the last several years. I can't remember any instance in my short lifetime that I have been proud of the Redskins, Nationals, or Wizards. I did have a brief fetish for the Capitals but that all ended after they were eliminated from the playoffs way before they were supposed to be for two straight years. Luckily, no, VERY luckily, the tide is turning. The Redskins seem to be the ones that have benefited the most with the addition of Mike Shanahan and Donovan McNabb. I can safely say that the era of ultra-conservative (pussy) play-calling with a lackluster offense is over. I predict that the 'Skins are going to enjoy a hell of a season and maybe not choke it all away.

The Wizards and the Nationals are both benefiting from the future talent that is going to show up at their doorstep. The Wizards somehow landed the number one overall pick in the 2010 NBA draft and it could not have come at a better time. The Nationals are ready to call up Stephen Strasburg, essentially the LeBron James of baseball, from triple-A Syracuse sometime in June. Holy shit. I can only imagine how much of an asshole I am going to be to my friends in the future when I bust out the memorabilia from the early 2000s proving that I've been one of THOSE fans. The fans that have stuck with a team through the good time(s) and bad times and now are reaping the rewards. I just hope that my fandom isn't nullified by the fact that I also root for the Yankees and the Lakers...

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